Julien's software page

Julien's software page



Hi, I am Julien!
This page is dedicated to some random programming and bug fixes I did or I got interested in.
Feel free to send me comments, bug reports and suggestions at this address: julien.charles@gmail.com

If not mentioned otherwise, all the programs on this page that I wrote are licensed under the GPLv3 license.
The other programs have various licenses, specified in their packages.

This was last updated on the 27th of September 2013.


Table of content:

  1. Quake
    1. par: a pak file archiver/unarchiver
    2. Malice for Quake
      1. Fix of the map D8 (The underwater base)
      2. A patch for Malice to fix the run bug
  2. X Athena Widgets
    1. New widgets library
    2. Battery indicator
    3. Wicd client
    4. xmms2 client
  3. Other programs
    1. ccd2cue


1. Quake

1.1 par: a pak file archiver/unarchiver

par is a pak archiver/unarchiver available through ibiblio. In the current official version there is a bug that forbids it to work on amd64 architecture. I fixed the bug in this package: par-0.03.02.tgz.

1.2 Malice for Quake

Malice is a good conversion for Quake but can be frustrating at times. There are a couple of levels that are painful to finish (because you don't manage to find the exit!). I will maybe write a small walkthrough.

The level order is the following:

  1. The Academy (map start)
  2. The Lab (map d1)
  3. Area 33 (map d1b)
    1. Secret level: Hospital (map d10)
    2. Secret level: Genetics Lab (map d11)
  4. Area 44 (map d1c)
  5. Takahiro Tower (map d2)
  6. A Rat's Life (map d3)
  7. Into the flood (map d4)
  8. The Flood (map d5)
  9. Nuclear Plant (map d6)
  10. The Incineration Plant (map d7)
  11. The Foundry (map d7b)
  12. The Underwater Base (map d8)
  13. Takahiro Base (map d9)
  14. Takahiro Fortress (map d12)
  15. Stayin' Alive (map d13)
  16. B.O.S.S HQ (map d14)
  17. Showdown! (map d15)
Please note that there is a secret exit from the secret level The Hospital to the other secret level, Genetics Lab.

1.2.1 Fix of the map D8 (The underwater base)

In the level 8, The Underwater Base, there misses a parachute, necessary to finish the level. A fix was released that you can get here. Just in case the link is dead, google the filename d8fix.zip instead. Either replace in the pak file the map d8.bsp, or you can drop it in the quake/malice/maps directory, and type in the console:

	map d8b
while you are stuck in the buggy level.


1.2.2 A patch for Malice to fix the run bug

There is an irritating bug in Malice, in the fact that it changes the behaviour of the +speed command in Quake, which is a command which controls the running function. In order to fix it, you need first to patch Malice pak1.pak file, using the following patch: malice-pak1.patch. To apply it, copy the file in the quake/malice subdirectory, and run the following command:

	patch -p1 < malice-pak1.patch
please note that the file pak1.pak must have its name all lower-case.

You then have to modify the run association by adding something like that to your autoexec.cfg (if you don't have it already, you can create the file into your quake/id1 directory):

	alias +walkfast "cl_forwardspeed 400;cl_backspeed 400; cl_anglespeedkey 0.5; cl_sidespeed 400";
	alias -walkfast "cl_forwardspeed 200; cl_backspeed 200; cl_anglespeedkey 1.5;cl_sidespeed 200";
	bind "SHIFT" "+walkfast"


2. X Athena Widgets

2.1 New widgets library

2.2 Battery indicator

2.3 Wicd client

2.4 xmms2 client

XMMS2-Xaw is an xmms2 client that uses X Athena Widgets for its GUI.
It is available on sourceforge at this address: https://sourceforge.net/projects/xmms2-xaw/.
XMMS2 homepage: https://xmms2.org/


3. Other programs

3.1 ccd2cue

ccd2cue is a simple program to convert a ccd file to a cue file. Then you can use a tool like bchunk with the cue file to split the image file into its different parts (usually an iso file and some audio files).

As I did not have the ccd specifications, the conversion is rather rudimentary, but it worked on the different examples I tried.